To find out how to troubleshoot your Brother sewing machine just continue to read our article. 4. "Help my sewing machine will not sew....what have I done wrong?". That is if the problems are common and easily fixed. Refer to your instruction manual for general set up of your machine. This problem can happen on the Brother 2125 sewing machine and it may have similar fixes for your model. To avoid skipped stitches use ball point needle 90/14 when sewing character or decorative stitches. It is also possible that the feed dogs have been jammed with lint, broken threads, and dirt. Swing up the bobbin thread spool pin. What Does Acrylic Fabric Feel Like? Using thread that does not pull through smoothly can cause thread breakages, poor stitching or damage to your machine. If you do, the repair may be more costly than it should be. Also, it takes a little patience to get the job done right. Return the thread tension dial to “4”, and then refer to Tangled thread on wrong side of fabric to correct the … If you do they will not work right. The error codes seem to handle the simplest of problems so you do not have to take your machine into a repairman. For top loading bobbins the thread needs to be going around the bobbin in an anti-clockwise direction. I have been experiencing some difficulty sewing so I started trouble shooting and messing with the bobbin tension and such, when I found 2 springs on the left side of the bobbin … When winding thread onto your bobbin the thread needs to go right underneath the tension disc on the top of the machine. Once the machine is on, check to see if the handwheel moves freely. The thread should pull through the machine with no tightness. All you may need to do is re-thread or check the tensions to solve a lot of the issues that come with these two sections of your sewing machine. Check that your machine is threaded correctly ensuring the threading line on the hand wheel is at the top position, this will put the needle into the correct position for threading. For top loading bobbins the thread needs to be going around the bobbin in an anti-clockwise direction. The good news on this problem is that all you may need is a screwdriver to make the repair. Then the needle could be bent or threaded incorrectly. If you use bobbins from other models, the machine … Remove the shuttle cover located underneath the needle on your Brother VX-1120 sewing machine. Pay close attention to the areas holding your feed dogs and bobbin case when doing your cleaning. The sewing machine needle is probably the most important part of the sewing machine. These little problems show up often in almost all Brother and other brands sewing machines. Fourth, the thread may be too large for the needle. To check if your thread is suitable for use on a sewing machine. 4. Re-thread the top thread ensuring the threading line indicator on the hand wheel is positioned to the top (this puts the thread take up lever in the correct position for threading.) 1-Bobbin thread spool pin . Once that is done remove the thumb and grub screws that hold the presser foot bar and the spring. I have a Brother LS-1217. Fortunately, Brother still makes spare parts and has lots of owner’s manuals available to help you fix your machine. Missing the take up lever will cause thread to gather under the material. 2. When that happens you are in bigger trouble. Use fine needles with lightweight fabrics, and thicker needles with heavyweight fabrics. After that unscrew the belt guard screws and remove the belt and the guard from their places. Thread bunching or "Bird nesting " of thread under the fabric. That web page has step by step instructions including drawings to help you make the proper adjustment to the hook and needle. If not then your machine needs servicing. The E6 error code is also another simple fix you can do on your own. Check that the needle is not bent and if necessary, … 3. Then make sure to use Brother made bobbins as other brands may ruin the stitch quality or worst-case scenario damage your machine. If that does not free the handwheel then remove the bobbin. Computerized Brother machines may not be so simple and may require you to visit your Brother repairman more often. The needle thread has to be behind the needle bar thread guide. you have broken gear inside the machine like the timing belt (you will know if the bobbin hook is not moving or taking up the thread when you move the hand wheel towards you, the bobbin thread is … Standard tension setting is 4. After checking to see if the tension and bobbin are okay, check your needle. It's common for inexpensive low-quality threads or threads designed for hand sewing to be the cause of what appears to be tension problems when there is nothing wrong with the machine. If these areas get jammed your Brother sewing machine will not work as well as it should. One is that the stitch is too short. Verify that you are using the correct size bobbins. Turn the sewing machine on. If not, check under the stitch plate to see if it is dirty. The key here is to examine the foot pedal first to make sure the wires are not loose, frayed or the pedal itself is not cracked. Some stitches are not designed to work in reverse gear. As you can see the repairs are common sense and simple. It is a simple problem with a simple repair but it is left off on more occasions than you think. - Check to see if your upper tension is too tight. Note: Never use a thread of weight 20 or lower. If it is, then you do not touch it but take it to an approved repairman for Brother sewing machines and let them handle the task. Finally, you could have misthreaded it and missed certain thread guides. Find official Brother CS6000I FAQs, videos, manuals, drivers and downloads here. There are several causes of this problem situation. It presents a very good fix and repair guide you can follow for most simple repairs. Odds are, the secret culprit here … Your brother sewing machine is made to use a bobbin specifically designed to give the best stitching results. 2. One of the problems with modern sewing machines is that many models are now computerized. - Check to see if the bobbin case is scratched or has a burr on it.

brother sewing machine bobbin problems

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