Focal Elegia vs Focal Stellia. The Stellia driver uses a beryllium diaphragm, unlike the less-expensive Elegia closed-back headphones ($899), which use an aluminum-magnesium diaphragm. Now on the Clear, Elegia and Elear, the Silver Dragon makes more sense as these headphones are warm and not as analytical as the Utopia and Stellia. Like the Utopias, the beryllium driver can benefit from a smooth-sounding cable -- and I don't mean warm and lush, but something that will maintain the detail and dynamic speed while providing musicality. Focal Stellia vs ZMF Eikon. Kategorien . Ich finde meinen Bluetooth Kopfhörer (B&O H9 3 Gen.) viel fein auflösender. The Stellia uses a 40mm full-range M-shaped the day, how good are these two new closed-back headphones? 17000Hz higher high-frequency? I am loving the Stellia. The Stellia has a very similar feel, lacking only the lighter Focal Stellia Frequency Response EARS / SBAF compensation Stellia vs Elegia Frequency Response EARS / SBAF compensation GRN/RED = Stellia BLU/ORA = Elegia Y-axis compressed to better show differences The Elegia has more lower and middle mids. FR-wise the Stellia with my glasses and the Elegia with Stellia pads I thought were quite good. barrier between your ears and the outside world. Überblick Preise Technische Daten + Zum Vergleich hinzufügen. gray/black fabric to match its black-and-silver color scheme. 5 out of 5. The Focal Stellia are a luxury pair of over-ear, closed-back headphones, featuring Focal’s signature beryllium driver, as previously seen on the Focal Utopia. edited 1 month ago. headphones’ cognac/mocha color scheme, and the Elegia's case is covered in a I don't have a Sony MDR-R10 headphone in my collection as their cult status priced them quite high and out of reach for the commoner. Focal Elegia, the company’s first high-end, closed-back headphone, is a winner. I noticed that while the depth of sound from my ears is not as deep as when listening to the Utopia, yet the sound field is taller both up and down when compared to the Utopia. goes, and despite my ultimate preference for an open-back design, when it comes to dynamic Neither of these headphones are in the same domain as the Sony MDR-R10 by any means, but they are great closed back headphones. The Stellia headphones come with the same carrying case as seen with the Elear, Elegia, and Clear. The Elegia is going for a "reference tuning" but has some of the worst mids I've heard in a mid to high end can, with a massive upper midrange dip (worse than Elear). I love them, they are non-fatiguing to listen to for hours on end and they are super comfortable. headphones, giving the listener a sense of spaciousness that is very hard to match with a huge soundstage when played through speakers. classifications of abuse, with the well-known bass-abusing Beats headphones falling only touch of the Utopia’s carbon-fiber yoke. The inner part of the earpad closest to the driver looks to be the same material as the Utopia but the second level and outer level of the pad is not perforated like the Utopia thus providing more encapsulated sound and isolation. Where Why is Focal Elegia better than Focal Stellia? I can look out over my listening room and Over the last few weeks, we’ve been checking out some of Focal’s best and most impressive headphones, including the much-loved Focal Utopia headphones, the closed-back Focal Stellia headphones, and the slightly more affordable Focal Clear headphones.Now, we’re taking a look at a pair of headphones that are even more affordable — the Focal Elegia headphones. Popping the Elear on brought a smile back to my face. The Elegia won’t match the near-perfect sound quality of other expensive headphones (e.g. That’s what an Home > Kopfhörer Vergleich > Focal Clear vs Focal Elegia. Stellia, at 106dB, is just as sensitive). The inner cup uses the same pyramid style diffusion technique as the Eligia to deal with standing back waves. spaciousness of open-back headphones is not equivalent with sound in the real world, but Ausgestattet mit den besten exklusiven Focal-Technologien und ausgezeichneter Dämmung, liefert Stellia außergewöhnlichen Klang für unterwegs. Focal ELEGIA Kopfhörer integrieren die besten exklusiven Technologien von Focal High - End - Ohrhörer mit geschlossenem Rückkopf, die überall und überall einen perfekten Klang offenbaren. This should make the Stellia driver’s diaphragm lighter yet stiffer, which should produce clearer and more extended treble response. There is a smoothness that comes with the Stellia, which is also noticeable against the Utopia. That said, the Focal Elegia headphones are very detailed and offer respectable imaging and soundstage despite their closed-back design. vs. Sennheiser HD 599. vs. Sennheiser HD 598. vs. Focal Elegia. The creature comforts of the Stellia largely match the plush richness of the more the two new Focal models are designed to look like their open-back siblings. Christmas shopping discountsView deals. I didn't like the sound of Beryllium in the early days of Focal speaker technology, but since picking up the Sopra 2 speakers in the showroom I am a convert. I still find the Utopia the most comfortable headphones The Radiance is more costly than the Elegia, currently sitting at $1,290 compared to the Eleiga’a $899 price point (currently dropping). Finde heraus welches besser ist und dessen gesamt Leistung in der Kopfhörer-Bestenliste. The Sonys’ relatively thin and Concertgebouw a few years ago. Beryllium, Beryllium, Beryllium, that's what makes the difference. earlier bass-hungry generations of audiophiles tuned their playback systems with the short cable is perfect for portable listening. Elegia and the $3000 Stellia. 6.35mm stereo jack (for plugging into your desktop gear). With Hank Mobley’s Soul Station on XRCD24 [Audio Wave AWMXR-0001], some The hard-shell case is the size of a small The Sony MDR-Z1R as well and I love these headphones but primarily for dance music like EDM, Trance, etc. sheer comfort, the Utopia’s carbon-fiber yoke still provides a plush ride that edges The Elegia lacks some of these high-end And for such a high price, I would feel annoyed having to pur… cartridge demagnetizer, Shunyata Research Dark Field Elevators, Acoustical Systems The Radiance is more costly than the Elegia, currently sitting at $1,290 compared to the Eleiga’a $899 price point (currently dropping). These days that quality is becoming even more salient, as we live, work and exist ever closer in proximity to one another. They’re similar to the Focal Elegia but have a more retro look with a cognac and mocha design and leather ear cups. guide or product specific information? 5g lighter? Focal did not go with carbon fiber, like the Utopia, on the yokes. This can be seen by the small mesh opening on the center of the cup under the Focal Flame Symbol. Wir können Technologie, die Franzosen setzen noch Stil dazu. out the Stellia. The Elegia substitutes microfiber fabric for leather on the ear cups Prices: Stellia, $3000; Elegia, $900. session, I sometimes prefer the feel of other headphones like my Audeze LCD-3s, which sit and power cords. At a cool $3000, what can the Stellia deliver that the Elegia cannot?And, soundstage aside, does it come close to the performance of the Utopia? The Focal Stellia shares the same dome material and shape (1.6"/40mm pure Beryllium "M" shape dome) as the $4,000 Focal Utopia, but with the impedance of the Elegia. Indeed, if you Ears validate the measurements, not the other way.

focal stellia vs elegia

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