Next on the list is the EasyStore Toothbrush Holder by Joseph Joseph. Learn how your comment data is processed. This toothbrush holder comes in 3 versions; this… Simplifying the bathrooms makes life so much easier. Here’s what you’ll find in my makeup bag from left to right: So this isn’t perfect, but it’s not easy to find organic, vegan and well-performing makeup out there! You gain so much by having only a few cosmetics and tools. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It works well, and the best part is that it’s free. Sep 29, 2020 - One for the minimalists - the ultimate minimalist bathrooms board. I found some vintage glass containers at the Salvation Army for our body soap (that we shop in bulk) and we use simple hand pumps for our hand soap and my shampoo (that we buy in bulk too). Minimalist bathroom tour: what minimalism looks like in real life for our family. Thanks, Dale. 25+ Minimalist Small Bathroom Ideas Feel the Big Space! A minimalist bathroom helps reduce some of the chaos in the morning rush, makes it easier to keep the bathroom clean and tidy, and lets us end our days in a calm, clutter-free space. (Lol, I refer to my pads as diapers, and of course the time of the month I just say “Im on diapers! What bathroom essentials do you need? For some reason, I decided to start the tour with the bathroom. Yes, I still might be quite slow with it, but much more confident than I was at the beginning! Anyways, without further ado, let’s get into it! Michael and I both use this in the shower. I would like to buy some organic cotton reusable baby wipes…where can I get them from…(actually it is for my daughter to take her make up off with) Keep in mind that depending on your lifestyle, you may not need every item on the list but most are good to have. Conscious by Chloé is a Sustainable Lifestyle Blog focusing on Zero Waste, Slow Living, and Ethical Fashion coming to you from Central Oregon. Hope that helps! Now, onto the last section of the bathroom. I mean if babies wear cloth diapers, um hello us women can too!! There is arguably no other room more important than the one you probably spend the most time in. I get both from local bulk stores and have them as a backup, so I don’t have to go to the store as often. Our bathroom linen happens to be pretty neutral - I've had these striped towels for years and bought white ones back when were planning to rent our SoCal photo studio as an artsy Airbnb retreat - and I'm not mad about it. MINIMALIST BATHROOM ESSENTIALS Durasi : 05:34 Update MINIMALIST BATHROOM ESSENTIALS, Video Minimalist Bathroom Terupdate! Zero Waste Bathroom Essentials [updated] | Minimalist Living - Duration: 8:47. They’re both Australian brands so not sure where you are in the world but you might be able to find them online somewhere in your country/area. I did forget to photograph Michael’s shaving set that he uses for his face and hair. My mum handmade them, and I have them handy, but you don’t need much, so they have been lasting me a very long time. When I paused to think about how much waste I was creating every single month, I quickly looked for alternatives. I finished them and never bought them again. The Bowen therapist that worked there introduced me to it, and I’ve been sharing it with others ever since! * Michael and I share the same perfume. I love this stuff. You buy things and see how they work with your child and your parenting style. If minimalism is your jam, keep reading as we will go through some of the minimalist bathroom essentials that will help you transform your bath sanctuary into one of the best bathroom renovations in Sydney! I wanted to show you everything else we use in the one spot so you can get an idea of it visually. While we're dreaming of owning a house some day, we just decided to make it do. View . It tends to be a dry winter where we currently live, so my skin needs extra moisture. Favourites include an argument for wearing the same clothes every day, a complete guide to minimalist living, and the curse of the minimalist aesthetic. The refill bottles on the bottom right-hand side of the image are for the shampoo that I use in the shower (coming in another image later), and the hand and body wash. All of our products and supplies are included. We use only organic and natural products in the bathroom. I keep all these underneath the laundry sink Enter your email below for fresh recipes and articles delivered straight to your inbox. It lets the light in (as I almost always keep it closed) but requires a lot of maintenance (water + soap = yuck!). Is there anything that you think we’ve missed as essentials? I do have a few questions: what brand mascara do you use, how do you use the long hand teaspoon as a tongue scraper? It may not be what you thought you’d see in a minimalists bathroom, but we have paired it down to everything that we use regularly and that we deem essential in our lives. 15 Beautiful Modern Minimalist Desk Lamps For Your Home or Office. I don’t tend to wear makeup often so they tend to last a while (probably longer then they should according to their expiry dates). I normally keep the basket in our bedroom cupboard. ** One thing that I switched three years ago is using reusable menstrual pads instead of disposables. I regret this shower curtain so much! Every Friday, we send a free newsletter to subscribers with our latest content. My makeup bag doesn’t have much in it as I’ve used up products over the years. I also like to use a long-handled teaspoon as a tongue scraper instead of spending money on some particular device that would do the same job! This one is a little messy, sorry! Photographs by Octave Zangs for Conscious by Chloé. On top of this cabinet lives our water flosser and 2 metal boxes. I got a clear liner and the less-than-original Ikea shower curtain (you know the one I mean, with the black shower head and water droplets on a white background). Hi there Also, you mentioned the face creams you use, one being heavier and another lighter depending on the season. So I thought it would be helpful to share with you our minimalist bathroom essentials. Here, Nancy Straughan, interior designer at luxury bathrooms and tile retailer Hugo Oliver, shares her advice on the essentials needed to create a minimalist look. The things that we keep on our vanity are things that we use every day. We’re currently living with my parents before we move overseas. I use another spray bottle for our lavender air deodorizer (the toilet is not pictured here). Okay, I’ll list the answers for you below: !” Lol. There was already a white plastic liner when we moved in. I use Dirty Hippie mascara. It’s my little first-aid oil. Other great brands that I like are OSEA (US-based) or Mokosh (Aus based). Providing a stylish and practical storage solution for your bathroom essentials, this durable vanity unit features a glossy white finish and clean lines. Minimalist Soap Dispensers: 12 Modern Pieces for Your Home. I reused a nut butter glass container to store our toothpaste (DIY coming soon) and made the toothbrush holder at a ceramics class. I don’t use conditioner in my hair because I don’t need it. A minimalist bathroom vanity should be nearly empty on the countertop. Also I love the idea of reusable menstrual pads!! Here you can find a comprehensive modern minimalist apartment essentials list broken down room by room. I love the idea though because i could avoid the plastic and save $ as well. Nov 23, 2018 - Neutral colors, durable and sustainable accessories, and natural and organic linen are the three ingredients to create your own minimalist bathroom. In a bathroom, it means streamlining the aesthetic so the room is completely functional. Oh and we got this toilet brush that we store in a plain white Ikea plant pot. 2. Bedroom. Bonjour & Welcome! I hope to switch as much as possible to the brand that I get my mascara from as I’m very impressed with the performance and ingredients in her range. May 10, 2017 - Neutral colors, durable and sustainable accessories, and natural and organic linen are the three ingredients to create your own minimalist bathroom. I’m a big advocate for using products up, rather than just discarding. Made of 100% cotton, I feel confident to know I’m not using anything with chemicals/fragrances in my intimate area and that I’m not sending anything to landfill. It makes sense since it's the place where it all started, and by that I mean that my journey to a simpler, greener and happier life debuted in my bathroom cabinet. Other than that, it’s all there. They are great! Hope that all helps! It has a slightly masculine scent, but it’s really lovely. In the beginning, I took forever because I was so slow and so careful, but it just takes time and practice. You’ve had a peek into our bathroom and what we use. Wood, glass and metal are not only durable but also beautiful! I use the side of the teaspoon (linger part) and just scrape my tongue multiple times to make sure I cover my full tongue (rinsing in between). See more ideas about minimalist bathroom, bathroom design, bathroom interior. It has taken me a while to feel comfortable showcasing any part of my life like this. As I was stopping by a friend's shop, I saw that her eucalyptus branches were on sale, so I did not think twice. Milano Minimalist 1000mm White Gloss Bathroom Vanity Unit. The oils I also use as first aids. It’s the nature of having a baby. After a pretty thorough spring cleaning session, I moved stuff around, switched up art and decor and I'm now feeling like we're ready to take you on a house tour. Blue Ollis 77,093 views. Clear the countertops for a minimalist bathroom vanity. It is a room for personal hygiene, generally containing a bathtub or a shower, and possibly also a bidet. 8 Minimalist Baby Bath Essentials. 8:47 . We aim to use products that come in glass packaging where possible, biodegradable (like the earbuds, toothbrushes), and to buy products to refill in bulk. Im having a hard time finding a good cream that has natural ingredients, is cruelty free, and has all that good stuff. The principle of less is more is to remove the excess and keep only the essentials both aesthetically and practically. I’ve been using this stuff for many years and use it for everything from gargling when I have a sore throat to putting on my face when I have admittedly picked at it so that it kills any bacteria (and heals much faster!). I use Organic Clean for toilet (the disinfectant one that smells amazing!) Your email address will not be published. A friend of mine told me she has a plain linen shower curtain and tosses it in her weekly laundry, no big deal. A minimalist space focuses on function and religiously follows the term “less is more.” This doesn’t mean that decorative styles can’t be woven into the mix though, and a minimalist room can have a retro flair or traditional vibe, and vice versa. We also have a spray bottle for apple cider vinegar that I use to rinse my hair and that Octave sometimes uses to wash his hair (he's been washing his hair with water only for at least 2 years, since I threw away his last empty bottle of super chemical anti-dandruff shampoo). Here is required tip on Minimalist Modern House Room. We started using bamboo toothbrushes 3 years ago. View . This includes—from left to right: There are a few products I use differently depending on the season. If I don’t wear makeup, then I use it twice a day in winter. So the products that are marked, we share. I do admit that the top and base coat keep the nail polish on for longer, but once I’ve used them up, I won’t be rebuying them. I only have the base and topcoat because I bought them years ago and still going through them. I’ve already mentioned the shampoo and body wash. Habit Shift - Minimalist Bathroom Essentials. So that’s it! Have you ever tried it? Let me know in the comments below. We have the tops resources for Minimalist Modern House Room. But now I know better and will work on it. Aug 11, 2019 - Neutral colors, durable and sustainable accessories, and natural and organic linen are the three ingredients to create your own minimalist bathroom. I’ve displayed our minimalist bathroom essentials how we would have if the bathroom were ours. and their bathroom spray for general cleaning. Revamp your bathroom or en-suite with the Milano Minimalist 1000mm white gloss vanity unit. We're renting our house, and we're on a budget, so there's not much that we can do. 5 Simple Living Blogs Worth Bookmarking in 2020 . In the shower, I like to use an exfoliating wash cloth to get rid of dead skin. Bathroom By pandriva On October 22, 2018 1 Comment. What about your bathroom cleaning supplies? 4. *** Bowtech oil is a fantastic Bowen Therapy practitioner oil that I discovered about four years ago when I worked for my mum in her naturopathy clinic. How do I manage to keep things relatively simple? The ugly and bulky electronics (hair dryer, epilator/trimmer/razor) are hidden in the canvas bag (which was originally a shoe duster bag). I also want to get a safety razor (we used to use them way back…ha ha )…where do you buy them from? So, I’m embracing the now and sharing how our bathroom looks like today. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Conscious by Chloé! I hope you enjoy this video showing my zero waste minimalist bathroom essentials. Our bathroom also features an ugly dark cabinet above the toilet. Habit Shift - Minimalist Bathroom Essentials Tuesday, May 9th 2017. If you’ve been following what we do for a while, you’ll know that we owned an online store that had stringent guidelines with products. Let’s get started. One other product that I’ve also tried using is the menstrual cup, as I know a lot of women rave about them. Note: we believe that your email inbox is a sacred place and promise to never misuse your information or send you spam. I get coffee grounds after our morning brew every 3-4 days and use it as a body scrub in the shower. And that’s the shower. I was thinking of turning all the brand names away so that it would seem less obvious what they are, but I think it’s important to share with you exactly what we use and avoid questions of that kind in the comments below. If you have any recommendations for non-plastic/non-toxic options, I'm all ears! I keep my make-up in one and hair accessories in the other (I cut my own hair & regularly trim my bangs). But as you’ll see, there isn’t much else to it! Natural and organic fabrics are on top of my list. Our minimalist bathroom tour starts with our vanity. Otherwise, I'll opt for a plain organic linen shower curtain, or this amazing US made canvas one, some day... As for the bath rug, no comment, Octave picked one up at Ikea back when we lived in SoCal, it's black and white and coordinated with our grey carpet (yes, carpet!). What I’m aiming for eventually is to have vegan, cruelty-free, organic/natural, titanium dioxide-free, and zero waste or refillable makeup. A mould control spray in the shower from Abode which I get from a local bulk store as a refill. After a pretty thorough spring cleaning session, I moved stuff around, switched up art and decor and I'm now feeling like we're ready to take you on a house tour. Both Michael and I use these products and over the years have simplified it a lot. Anyways ONE more question! This is the trap of the minimalist aesthetic. * The scrub is something that we started doing a few months ago. I'd love a fun one, or a graphic one, or just a plain natural colored one. June 14, 2020 . I compiled below links to most of the items that we use on a daily basis. Then I give them a quick rinse and pop them in the washing basket when they are dry. I just run them under warm water and wipe away … Examples of Extreme Minimalism (And Why It’s Not For Everyone) What We Can Learn From Christmas Day . This post is not sponsored but when you shop via some of the links above I may make a small commission from a sale. A White Bathroom Suite. We don’t do anything fancy, and we keep it super simple. I use a very basic routine for nail polish. Hello thank you for sharing your bathroom essentials, its wonderful, it makes my bathroom look extra cluttered (covering my face in shame)! Required fields are marked *. The other couple of things that get rotated in our bathroom are: Four big towels (two towels each) Two hand towels; Four face towels; Two bath mats; Six face washers (for removing makeup before cleansing)* A bathrobe * These are organic cotton reusable baby wipes that I have utilised as makeup removers. 5. I love my organic menstrual pads. I am moving onto what you’d find in the vanity cupboard itself. We kept it for a while but after having to repair it numerous time (the holes were not reinforced) I gave up and replaced it in a rush the day before my parents came for an extended stay at our place. Although this essay is a somewhat parodic interpretation of my friend Dave Bruno’s 100 Thing Challenge, it is not entirely about “counting your stuff.” Rather, I’d like to touch on the idea of being conscious about what we do own by appreciating what we already have. It’s not perfect, but this is where it’s at now. Jan 31, 2013 - This board is focused on minimalist interior design ideas and modern design furniture for your minimalist bathrooms. Everything is also, of course, vegan and cruelty-free. Small rustic minimalist bathrooms can benefit from a sharp little pop of colour, like the acid yellow stripe made by these tiles. 2. THE LIVING ROOM. I didn’t know that was even an option, like wow! Update: I’ve since created a post specifically sharing my favourite vegan beauty brands. As a minimalist, I own more than you might think. I hope you'll find them useful! 4 | You save money by not buying unnecessary … 1 | Having only a few cosmetics and tools in your bathroom makes your life simpler.. 2 | A simple and eco-friendly body care frees your skin from unnecessary chemicals.. 3 | Having a minimalist toiletries set helps when you want to pack light!. LESS IS MORE. That's it for our minimalist bathroom tour! There are many other uses for it, but those are a couple of ways that I do. Other minimalist bathroom essentials. The wipes are this brand and the safety razor I brought from here. Achieving the minimalist look in a bathroom is impossible if you have an … Keep surfaces clear. What are your favorite bath rituals? For some reason, I decided to start the tour with the bathroom. Whoops! That’s it! They use organic cotton in their pads. I get asked all the time; what products do I use in the bathroom? These eight featured minimalist bedrooms are serene, clean, and uncluttered. Who am I kidding, it has taken years of trial and error, and I’m still learning about new brands and products. The bathroom cleaning products are a mix (that I’ve had a few years). From top left to bottom right, the products are: There’s a bit here, so let’s break it down. There are many ingredients that we avoid in our skincare, so not much makes it to our bathroom. I value performance as well, so this might take a lot of trial and error. TIDY:Clean off items from any shelves, side tables, benches and coffee tables.When you inevitably find a magazine from 2013, and a candle that burned out months ago, place them in a rubbish pile. Your email address will not be published. I used it for many years, but at some point realised that it was just a waste of money as my hair was fine without it. June 5, 2020. The benefits of minimalist body care. You can also find more inspiration in my shop or on this wish list that I update pretty regularly. If you know how I feel about fragrance, you’ll know that I would have certainly done my research before investing in a perfume! View . I also want to mention two things before we get into it. A minimalist decorating style eliminates most knickknacks, ornate trim, busy patterns, and wild color schemes to make space for functional, necessary, and soothing design elements. It's the place where my morning routine starts so I like it to be light, to smell good and to be functional (how many times have I knocked perfume bottles down because my eyes weren't quite open early in the morning?). If I go away somewhere, I always take it with me. As you can see, I keep my makeup routine and range super simple! This is why I use an oil cleanser and a thicker/richer cream in winter/autumn and lighter cleansing milk (no animal products) and serum for summer/spring. If I feel pain in my back (which tends to happen more often than not, unfortunately), I use this oil, and it disappears. Design; Lists; Living; Essentials; Tips; About; Social Media. We think it has a unisex scent and both wear it sparingly. Here is a list of 7 beautiful modern and minimalist bathroom vanities for your home! This was the first time I hanged eucalyptus in my shower. The other thing I wanted to mention is that we’re not affiliated or sponsored by any of these brands. The reason I use the heavier moisturiser only in the evenings is that it’s too heavy under makeup. To me, a bathroom needs to look and feel clean. Anyways, after a while I just removed the curtain and only kept the transparent liner. 1. I'd love to her them! I just use the plastic ones but have seen metal ones. I hope you liked it. Accessory-wise, I've had my hair brush for a long time and just drilled a hole in it so I could hang it on the hooks (which are hanged super low, I know the previous owners had young children, so that makes sense). I’ve realised in reality, that day may never come! We'll highlight the elements in each bedroom that give these pared-down rooms loads of comforting character. 3. This is refilled for the bottle on the sink and the bottle in the shower. That is the ultimate goal! When you’re pregnant with your first child, it’s hard to know which products you’ll use on the daily, and which ones will be used twice before collecting dust in the closet! The Negative Effects of Clutter: Backed By Science . Clear surfaces are the … The other product that is part of my first aid kit and that also comes with me when I go away is silver colloid (or commonly known as colloidal silver). My trusted body brush is also displayed here, to remind me to use it. The other couple of things that get rotated in our bathroom are: * These are organic cotton reusable baby wipes that I have utilised as makeup removers. Of course I'd love it all to be natural and organic but I'll wait until it's time to replace it. ** The safety razor is something that I contemplated for years but was nervous trying it out as I was paranoid about cutting myself. Hi Dale, I didn’t want to rebuy and switch slowly to products that completely align with my ethics. This means getting rid of all your hair products, make-up, and toothbrush. Minimalist bathroom accessories help bring a contemporary feel by hiding away clutter and getting get rid of negative energy. Latest Posts. Do you use them morning and evening, and where can I find them? The serum I use for both morning and evening is warmer weather. I’m always saying to myself, “I’ll wait until it’s perfect, then I’ll share it”. As soon as I discovered the Think Dirty App, I got rid of 100% of the products I used to put on my skin, i.e. A Minimalists Approach To Creating a Zero Waste Home, 25 Vegan Beauty Brands To Support (Organic, Fair-Trade and Sustainable), Minimalist Living: Breaking Down The What, Why & How, 100+ Simple Tips To Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle, Cleansing oil (for winter) and cleansing milk (for summer), Nailpolish—base coat, top coat and colour nail polish, Arnica oil (for sprains, bruises and muscle pain), Natural anti-bug spray (mosquito repellent), Lipstick (I have two but didn’t add the second one in the image, it’s a peachy colour), Six face washers (for removing makeup before cleansing)*. For this minimalist bathroom renovation inside a Hollywood bungalow, architect Noah Walker used sophisticated gray-and-white penny tiles, paired with black countertops, stainless-steel fixtures, and lots of natural light for a clean and streamlined approach. I found the makeup section the hardest, and with good reason! Inside, we keep our cosmetics: Octave's electric beard trimmer, his beard and hair balm (DIY coming soon), my deodorant & scented rollers, our contact lenses and solutions (we only wear them on special occasions like when he's filming and when we go swimming, snowboarding or mountain biking), a mug containing tweezers, nail clippers and 2 hair ties that I use when I shower and don't want to wet my hair, and 2 cute wooden ear picks that Octave's aunt gave him as a present. The nail polish remover is a good one that I bought a few years ago that has no smell and is made here in Australia by a local small business that is reducing the chemicals that you’d find in the conventional products. The refill for the hand and body wash is a different brand to the one that is on the bottle, but the shampoo is the same as the one you will see below. It’s one of my go-to products in the bathroom. In essence, a minimalist bathroom should be modern in design, clean and clutter-free. REMOVE:Remove the couch cushions, gather the blankets, and remove any pillow shams and throw them in the wash while you reorganize. I paint my nails a couple of times a year for special occasions and my toenails on a more regular basis. The colour is an unusual but successful companion for the rustic wood cabinet fronts that are finished with leather strap handles. I just run them under warm water and wipe away the makeup before cleansing. This picture of Minimalist Bathroom Essentials has dimension 1280 x 800 pixels, you can download and obtain the Minimalist Bathroom Essentials picture by right click on the right click to get the high definition version. So I’m using this as a shared space for now. I swear it’s like magic! I hope you enjoyed seeing what we have in our bathroom. Check it out for yourself! I could switch this wall sconce and repaint the dark cabinets, but let's be honest, I'd rather put my money elsewhere. I read somewhere that it's the ultimate spa experience (the warm water makes the leaves release their refreshing scent). I personally don’t like using them, but if you’re looking to switch from tampons, then a cup will be your best friend! Tips for minimalist living: If you're ready to reap all the great benefits of this simple and purposeful lifestyle, here's how to create a minimalist home and start living more minimally: 1. Where do you store those and what do you use? 1. A bathroom is one of the most important place in our house where we can find comfort and serenity. Interesting read… Hope that makes sense! It was a fun new experiment. I recently switched to an electric toothbrush after having been reprimanded by my dentist at my 2 last annual check-ups (manual brushing seems to be too harsh for my gums, I remain perplex). You want to keep only the essentials on the bathroom counter. While neutral colors are typically used in these bedrooms, adding punches of bright or deep Hi Mya, glad that you enjoyed the post. One other thing to note is that I share most of these products between myself and Michael. If you follow only one tip in this article, make it this one. The brand that I use is Hannahpad. The heavier one I use is called barrier repair moisturiser in the evenings and the everyday clarity serum in the morning – both from Nourish Botanicals (Australian brand). 25+ Minimalist Small Bathroom Ideas Feel the Big Space!

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