Soak the pane carasau bread in the broth for 30 seconds. It is made with flour, water, yeast and salt. Taking the team to prepare a meal and eat together makes eating a special occasion. Pane carasau This Sardinian flatbread is made with semolina, and it’s baked twice to achieve thin, ... How to eat Pairs well with full-bodied red wines and savoury dishes. Well-known with the name "Carta da Musica" ("Music sheets"), the thin sheets of Carasau bread are an ideal companion for pork products, cheeses and fish starters. It's paper thin and crunchy. With this, they would have fresh milk and later coffee. Also known as music bread due to its resemblance to the … You can't experience this crispy Sardinian flat-bread unless you grow the rosemary (I do), collect salt from the sea, and bake/blister this bread in an … Pane guttiau is a traditional flatbread originating from Sardinia. Pane Carasau is a very thin and dry flatbread. Finally place the poached egg on top with the addition of a little salt. Product details By far Sardinia’s most famous bread, pane carasau is an incredibly thin flatbread.It’s made by cooking a thin sheet of dough (made from durum wheat) in a very hot oven until it inflates and rises; the bread is then halved leaving the baker with two very thin sheets of crisp bread. If you are thinking to a menu for a special occasion or simply want to make an original recipe, you can try this particular version of a typical Italian main course: Lasagna with pane Carasau. Bra Duro DOP. It is an accompaniment to many other foods like starters and it tastes very good. They would eat cheese with Pane Carasau, a flatbread that was made for shepherds as it would remain good to eat for a length of time when they needed to stay out with their sheep. Traditionally the flat bread was made for shepherds as its long life meant it would last whilst they were out for long periods tending to their herd. It is made following the ancient recipe using baked flatbread. Place a layer of bread on a dish and put a little sauce and fresh grated pecorino cheese on top. It is stiff and crackly and in the hands of the Sardinians it is multipurpose. Pane Carasau, Sardinian bread Credits: Flickr. This relates to my blog post. Pane carasau, also called music sheet bread, is the traditional bread of Sardina. Although very delicate it does have a slightly pliable feel Pane Carasau is also the base for many other Sardinian dishes. Here’s our list of must-eat Sardinian dishes, from starters and breads to desserts and everything in between. So it has to be thin, crunchy and crumbly when you eat it,” Porcu says. and eaten in many different ways.. This local crispy flat bread is served at every meal . It can be dampened & softened & used with antipasti or it can popped under a grill for a few seconds until it goes golden brown. In the third layer also add the pecorino fiore sardo cheese and the basil sauce. Sardinian Music Paper Bread (Pane Carasau) 300g - crisp, wafer thin bread, a famous speciality of Sardinia. Pane carasau is a staple at the Sardinian table, eaten with practically every meal. It is really a lot like a cracker although I know it looks much like a tortilla. 11-ago-2013 - Anthony Bourdain said of Pane Carasau, "You just can't get this in New York! Ristorante Trattoria Maristella, Alghero Picture: pane carasau - Check out Tripadvisor members' 20,616 candid photos and videos of Ristorante Trattoria Maristella “We've got different versions of flatbreads in Sardinia, but the specialty of pane carasau is to be very, very thin. I have also heard it It is simple to make and my version requires no … It is said to have been first made by the shepherds in Sardinia who took it with them into the pastures as it keeps so well. Traces of this bread were found in the nuraghi (traditional megalithic Sardinian stone structures) this means it existed before 1000 BC. What to eat in Sardinia Pane carasau. An enterprising couple transforms Brooklyn's River Deli into a 42-seat Italian restaurant. Served at every meal, it’s the perfect vehicle for olive oil, tomatoes, salami, or just about anything you fancy. Pane carasau is the traditional cracker-type bread from Sardinia. It's superb with cold meat such as our wild boar prosciutto too, or just a drizzle of our premium Italian olive oil. Sardinian Bread And Pane Carasau. In fact ‘frattau‘ means crumbled and all the crumbs were not thrown away but gathered to be eaten in a different way. You need to heat the oven into 400° and add cheese, salt and olive oil over the flatbreads. Piedmont is home to tarajin, plin, vitello tonnato, and brasato al barolo. This traditional bread of Sardinia is more like a large, paper-thin crunchy cracker than any bread you may have in mind. Pane Carasau at Pasquale Jones "This place is awesome. The origin of Pane Frattau has to be searched in the farmer culture of the Sardinian people. Pane carasau is a thin, crisp flatbread. After several trips to Italy, I’ve learned how different the food in each region can be. The baking is a simple and easy process. Jan 25, 2018 - This is Sardinian flatbread or as it is translated "sheet music" bread. You will receive 3 units of Pane Carasau Flatbread Classic (250 gram each). "Il pane dei pastori" di Fiorenzo Serra, Sardegna 1962. There are hundreds of varieties of bread in Sardinia. Good food, good drinks and good vibes - all of this for your enjoyment provided you are able to get snag a reservation or are willing to wait a while for a table, even if it's 10 pm on… It's very similar to pane carasau, but guttiau is even thinner. Eat it with one of our Sardinian cheeses - pecorino with fiery chilli for instance. Dec 13, 2014 - Last year I was approached by The Bread Factory to shoot images for their new website, and then earlier this year I was asked to shoot their whole brochure for a new catalogue they're working on. Alternative Types. Your Pane Guttiau is ready! Lasagna, in fact, is a traditional Italian recipe very diffused throughout the whole country but with a … Pane Carasau has a special flavor, with heavy hints of cereals, barn and wood burning oven. Pane Guttiau-The recipe involves Carasau breads, olive oil, Mediterranean sea salt and Pecorino Romano cheese. I have also grown accustomed to pane carasau. Make 3 layers. Pane Carasau The wafer thin crispbread also known as Carta di Music (sheet music) is at its best served hot from the oven with rosemary, salt and a little olive oil. Toasted or plain, it's delicious both ways. Serve hot! One way to eat it is to combine it with cheese, ham, olives and other products: It is simply broken into rough pieces; ham, cheese or salami are sliced on top and all of it is being topped with a high quality olive oil. For the poor everything is good to eat, also the little pieces remained in the pocket where the farmer put the Pane Carasau. This delicious cracker is … Today I am talking about what to eat in Sardinia. Known as Pane Carasau or Carta da Musica (sheet music), it has nothing to do with music!It is actually a typical Sardinian bread, thin and crisp.Once consumed above all by the shepherds, because of its long time of preservation, it is today eaten all over the island. Our pane carasau grosso is a little thicker than the regular type. ", and he was right about that! Pane Carasau (Sardinian Carasau bread) is a millennial tradition which combines the sun, the land and the grain with the wise mankind's work, the flour and the clear spring waters. Also known as carta di musica, this semolina flour-based crispbread is still made by hand and cooked in wood-fired ovens. Pane Carasau ~ An Italian flat bread with a crisp, cracker-like texture that is seasoned with aromatic rosemary and coarse sea salt.I have also heard it nicknamed “piano paper” or carta di musica which describes it’s thinness. It's thin and very crisp, usually disk-shaped and nearly 2 feet wide. The most typical Sardinia bread, and the one we were served most often, is pane carasau. Pane carasau in Sardinia. Sardinian food is regionally specific and there are several foods that you can only find in Sardinia. Pane Carasau is one of my favourite things to eat in Sardinia. This bread was originally created to keep for a very long time, as it was traditionally given to shepherds … Shop Italian Sardinian bread online in the UK. The flatbread looks like thin leaves with long cracks, and it was originally made for shepherds who took it with them to the pastures because it … Place the Carasau over the heated oven and bake until the cheese melts. Nov 15, 2016 - Pane Carasau ~ An Italian flat bread with a crisp, cracker-like texture that is seasoned with aromatic rosemary and coarse sea salt. Pane Carasau, or "Music Bread," is a natural cracker for snacks, cheeses, appetizers, wraps, fritters, and soups. Sardinian Flat Bread. Pane Carasau: Sardinian Sunset Sheet Music Bread By Saucy Dressings Canapes|Discoveries Cuisines Gourmet gifts|Discoveries Hotels|Recipes Italian|Recipes Meals and courses Mediterranean Recipes Super-quick|Recipes Type Type Type Vegetarian|Recipes Watching the dosh|Expertise Weird and wonderful Where to eat/drink/stay This wafer-thin traditional Sardinian flat bread (pane carasau) is light and crispy. Pane Carasau for #TwelveLoaves #TwelveLoaves is a monthly bread baking party created by Lora from Cake Duchess and runs smoothly with the help of Heather of All Roads Lead to the Kitchen , and the rest of our fabulous bakers.

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